Kingsford The Barossa

Simply Irresistible

For wine lovers with form, Kingsford features two alluring wine cellars; the historic 1856 cellar, along with the new wine tunnel lined with magical vaults to explore. Inside these vaults are treasures aplenty, in the form of outstanding collections of the best of Australian wines, including a complete collection of Penfolds Grange, along with one of the finest assortments of Champagne in the country.

Both cellars are very different, however both integral to the complete Kingsford experience and can be dressed for private or shared dining.

The vaults also play host to regular tastings which are occasionally and exclusively conducted by guest winemakers. The ‘Barons of the Barossa’ – a wine fraternity made up of the very best Barossan winemakers and others – are long-standing and close partners with Kingsford.

And of course, the vaults are open to be enjoyed by guests whenever they choose.